Friday, 4 July 2014


I was asked to repair and spruce up an old chair.  
The back was broken when I got it, and after I glued it together, I cut the chair open to strengthen it.  

With this simple jig clamped on, I was able to cut the chair open and add some reinforcement.

Once exposed, you can see that the chair has been repaired many times!

The recess is filled with a piece of 1/8" steel, the rough surface and cut marks are "tooth" for the epoxy to grab.  

I cut off as much as I could, so the steel was in the centre of the back.  

When the steel was placed, it was covered by mahogany, and once set, that was shaped to match the chair contours.  Then came the spraying!

I was asked not to remove all the patina when refinishing, and you can still see the marks in the chair.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


A few years ago, I decided to learn about sign painting and lettering.
I can do passable work now, but do wish I had more time to practice, 
and a few more brushes!

When I was in St. Johns, there were a number of faded signs around where you could see the brush strokes.

Here you can see the pounce pattern outline on the tailgate. 

My latest lettering project, was the GemTop canopy fro the Danger~Ranger.  
I find numbers much more difficult than letters.  

Sunday, 29 June 2014


As soon as I started working in the Jeep, it was pretty obvious to me that I was going to need to make my own rear bumper, as the commercially produced ones were far to pricey for me.  
I figured that even if I sprang for a new AC-225, I'd be ahead of the game.  
I did better than that though, I found an old used AC-225 for $75.  

I found a lot of uses for it other than the bumper.

Stick process isn't the prettiest, but it makes for nice strong welds!
I also repaired my radiator mounts, nerf-bars, and other parts too.  

The rear bumper and hitch work like a charm!

I also added a front receiver as well.  I cannot get over how wonderful it is to push trailers around with this set up.  I was also planning on mounting my winch in a receiver cradle, but I think it will stick out too far.  Perhaps I can rework the front bumper to bring the receiver closer to the radiator.  

I built a tailgate for the Jeep as well.  This body tub didn't have a gate opening, and it was very inconvenient to put things in the back.  

Welding the 20 gauge sheet metal was quite a challenge with the stick welder, I'm just not good enough to weld such thin stock with ease.  Need more practice!

The most recent welding project was this swing away spare tire carrier.  I made it from a stock carrier, and a bunch of scrap tubing I had laying around. 

It sure is nice to have the tire and other equipment out of the back.  With all this stuff in the jeep, there isn't much room for luggage!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Re-Born CJ-5

After several-many hours, the jeep again took on it's familiar shape.  

It's a brand new 1977 CJ-5!  

Saturday, 29 June 2013


I've wanted a second car for some time now, and my Brother wanted (sort of) to sell his old jeep. 
My Dad helped me get it out to the coast, in a motorcycle trailer.  Sure beat flat-towing it!

 It was a tight squeeze into the trailer. 

Monday, 10 June 2013


 Here's a better photo of the fabric and thread storage.  
The cabinets are made from Douglas Fir of course!  
 You can't have a studio without a bulletin board! 
 I chose Douglas Fir for the case goods, so that they would blend in with the floor, and keep the room nice and warm. 
 The reference section. 
A design wall, 7'x7'.  The board works like a felt board, where fabrics can be placed for colour choice without pins.
A bit old fashioned, but pegboard works so well for storing tools.